Major Exploration Overview

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Need help with your major choice? The A Center is here to help! 

Whether you are a prospective studentcurrent Undeclared studentstudent in another major, or a parent, family member, or supporter of a student needing help with selecting a major, The A Center is here to assist. We provide comprehensive advising to assist students in the major exploration process; the information on our website is designed to help you get started.

Each semester there are hundreds of students who are Undeclared, which actually makes this one of the most popular majors on campus. Even though it can seem like many students on campus have their major figured out, there is a benefit to being Undeclared and exploring your options before choosing a major that aligns with your academic goals. You will receive excellent academic advising in The A Center. The advisors will help you explore areas of interest, discover a major you never knew existed, and start the process of choosing the right major. With more than 270 majors on campus there’s something for everyone—start learning about what possibilities are waiting for you.

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To schedule an appointment with an advisor if you are currently or want to be an Undeclared Major visit our Make an Appointment page.


Need tools and support to choose a major?

Spend 15 minutes taking the MyMajors assessment to receive a list of recommended University of Arizona majors and then make an appointment with an advisor from The A Center to discuss your major options further!