Meet Your Major Fair

Meet Your Major Fair

Explore all your major options in one space.

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Not sure about your major? Undecided and not sure where to start? Thinking of switching your major? Adding a minor or double major? Attend the Meet Your Major Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 25 from 1-4pm in the Student Union Memorial Center Ballroom. Students will have the chance to talk with advisors from majors across campus and explore the wide variety of options available at U of A. 

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We know that walking into a room with over 100 advisors can feel intimidating, so we want to provide some tips for navigating the Fair.

  • Take our MyMajors Assessment (about 15 minutes)
    • This tool will help to match you to U of A majors based off your academic history, skills, values, and interests. It might show you a major you hadn't considered before!
  • Take the Career Clusters Quiz (about 10 minutes)
    • This tool will help to provide you with a Career Cluster (groups of related types of work) that may be beneficial as you design your major pathway.
  • Preview your major options
  • Brainstorm questions to ask major representatives
    • Now is the perfect time to get any questions you need answered. At the Fair, we will provide a suggested list of questions to consider as well.
  • Plan your route (but don't let that stop you from making a pit stop you weren't planning!)
    • The Fair will be set up by major clusters, so you can more easily find similar majors in the same location. This graphic lays out which majors fall under our Major Fair categories.
MYMF Groupings



Need to do more research?


Other ways to continue the major exploration process:


Narrowed it down to a few or ready to declare? Connect with an academic advisor in majors of interest (by email or appointment).



  • What would you learn about when studying this major? 
  • How do you declare this major? 
  • Is there a minimum GPA required to declare the major?   
  • Does having this GPA guarantee admission into the major? 
  • How many units do you take for the major? 
  • What are the required courses? 
  • Do you need to declare the major before you can take these courses? 
  • What level of math and second language are required? 
  • Does this major require that you complete a minor? 
  • What are some examples of internships, research opportunities and/or clubs that are associated with this major? Where can you find more information about them? 
  • What careers are directly associated with this major?