What is MYMF?

Not sure about your major? Undecided and not sure where to start? Thinking of switching your major? Adding a minor or double major? Browse our Virtual Meet Your Major Fair! Learn from representatives and advisors from majors across campus. Explore areas of interest, discover a major you never knew existed, and start your major exploration journey. With over 120 majors on campus, there’s something for everyone- start learning about what possibilities are waiting for you.

Questions about the Meet Your Major Fair? Contact The A Center at 520-621-7763 or by email: theacenter@email.arizona.edu 

Explore Majors by Interest Areas: 

Click on a major area of interest below to view the videos. 

What's Next After the Fair?

After you explore the Fair, there are some steps you can take to learn more about majors of interest or more in-depth major exploration:

  1. Make an appointment with an advisor or complete a major information session. 
  2. If you're unsure about how to match your interests to majors, schedule an appointment with an advisor in The A Center. 
  3. Explore UArizona majors. You will find information about each major including a sample 4 year plan here.


  • What would I learn about when studying this major?
  • How do I declare this major?
    • Is there a minimum GPA required to declare the major?  
    • Does having this GPA guarantee admission into the major?
  • How many units do I take for the major?
    • What are the required courses?
  • Do I need to declare the major before I can take these courses?
  • What level of math and second language are required?
  • Does this major require that I complete a minor?
  • What are some examples of internships, research opportunities and/or clubs that are associated with this major? Where can I find more information about them?
  • What careers are directly associated with this major?
  • What do you (the representative) like best about this major?