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Student Leaders

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Fall 2023 Paraprofessionals

Meet the Paraprofessionals!

The A Center Student Leaders

In The A Center, we encourage students to connect with their peers and to seek out leadership positions. With us, students have opportunities to become involved in a number of ways. In each of these positions, we help students develop communication, leadership, and other professional skills. We strive to provide students with the tools needed to help them grow as individuals, and to develop tools they can use in their majors and careers once they leave The A Center. 

And remember - even if you leave The A Center, you can still represent.  Many of our student leaders started in The A Center as an Undeclared student before deciding on a major in another college. They still hold leadership positions in The A Center because they represent our student population and they've found a home with us.

Interested in becoming a student leader? We are looking for ACEs (Student Ambassadors) and Peer Mentors for the upcoming school year! Applications are due April 12th at 11:59pm and we invite you to apply. Below you will find more information regarding both roles within our office along with the application links: 

Apply to be a peer mentor Apply to be an ace 

  Apply to be a Pre-Health Ambassador Apply to be Paraprofessional

Apply to be a Pre-Health Professions Ambassador (Coming Soon!)

Learn More About Our Student Leadership Positions

The A Center Explorers are students who represent our department at various recruitment events throughout the year. These students are trained to speak to prospective students and guests about what the University of Arizona and The A Center both have to offer, as well as how to explore majors before, during, and after admission to the University. These students have all started as Undeclared students within The A Center. 

Students in The A Center Explorers program participate in a one-unit internship course geared toward development of leadership, communication, and professional skills. They also have the opportunity to hone presentation skills in a classroom setting as they discuss major exploration processes and transitions during college.

As an incoming first-year student at The A Center, you have the opportunity to connect with a peer mentor who can assist you with the transition to university life. These peer mentors are trained to help students navigate challenges and provide support to students. The peer mentors provide community building activities and individual one-on-one sessions.

Not only do our peer mentors provide valuable support, but they also gain relationship-building skills, as well as opportunities for creative thinking and problem-solving.

The A Center paraprofessionals are student workers who have been trained to assist students in The A Center with basic advising questions. Our paraprofessionals work specifically with undeclared or exploratory students to help them select courses that align with their interests and the general education curriculum. They also assist with basic academic information related to policies and procedures.

The paraprofessional position is a paid leadership position where students have been trained by our academic advisors and serve as a point of contact for our students with basic advising questions. They also meet with students to conduct major exploration appointments and begin the process of narrowing down their searches.

Pre-Health Ambassadors are a group of motivated students who are interested in pursuing a health-related career. These students come from all majors and work together to provide a support network for pre-health students. They are also trained to speak to prospective students and parents about the opportunities at the University of Arizona for pre-health students.

These pre-health students are advised by The A Center pre-health advisors and work with them to host events like our Pre-Health Expo. Through these activities, they develop networking skills, professionalism and strategies essential to success in health-related fields.

As our office is ever-evolving, we need student leaders up to the challenge of pushing The A Center to the next level. Our team of specialists adapt based on our needs. Currently, our specialists are focused on social media and updating our website.

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