Our Mission

Our Mission

The A Center advises students as they explore the institution, affirm their educational goals, and attain a University of Arizona degree.


The A Center is an Academic Advising department under the Office of the Provost for Undeclared and transitional majors, along with Pre-Health Professions and Pre-Law advising.

The A Center promotes skills across multiple disciplines, preparing students for fulfilling careers and advanced degrees.

The academic advising team provides guidance, clarity, and expertise about multiple disciplines to help students navigate complex academic pathways and achieve their goals.


  • Provide Major Exploration, Pre-Health Professions Advising, and Pre-Law Advising
  • Support students through academic major transition  
  • Assist students in designing parallel pathways to degree completion 
  • Offer student engagement and leadership opportunities
Advise. Affirm. Attain

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