Pre-Health Clubs on Campus


University of Arizona Pre-Health Clubs

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) - AED is a pre-health honorary that is looking for students who are interested in a career in the healthcare industry. AED members engage in various activities and events including those related to health, membership, philanthropy, and socials. Click on the attached link to learn more, or reach out to for more information.

  • Faces in the Health Professions Club - Faces in the Health Professions is a pre-health club that aims at finding members opportunities to give back to underserved populations in the community. Faces also holds informational meetings to provide members with resources that include clinical/volunteer opportunities and meeting medical professionals/faculty on campus. If interested, reach out to for more information.

  • Flying Samaritans - Flying Samaritans at the U of A provides free medical and dental care and education to the underserved population of Agua Prieta, Mexico. These monthly clinics entail taking a day-trip down to Mexico to offer health services to an underserved population. This pre-health club teams up with U of A medical students, physicians, and dentists to achieve the mission of helping underserved communities. If interested in volunteering and gaining hands-on clinical experience, click on the provided link or email for more information.

  • Medical Directive - Medical Directive is a pre-health organization that offers mentorship and unique opportunities to first generation university/pre-health students. Through medical directive, students are provided volunteer and clinical opportunities in order to give back to the greater Tucson community. Medical Director holds informational meetings to offer opportunities for members to meet medical professionals and learn about ways to become involved in the clinical world around campus. If interested, visit the attached link or email for more information.


  • Mexzona Medical Services - UA Mexzona Medical Services is a student ran club that aims to provide free medical care to the community of Rocky Point, Mexico. MexZona holds monthly clinics that last a weekend located in Rocky Point where students will have the opportunity to shadow and work alongside physicians offering medical care to the Rocky Point underserved community. Mexzona offers students clinical experience while providing first-hand opportunities to give back to an underserved population. If interested in joining this organization, email the Co-Presidents Mina Alaaldin, Gina Hoskin and Lillian Wu at for more information.​​

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Club (MCBC Club) - The MCBC club is a student ran and organized club tailored towards those majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology or Biochemistry. This club's goal is to offer student's opportunities to engage and interact with faculty and organizations within the Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Department here at U of A. This club promotes academic and professional development, as well as provides opportunities for students to become more involved within their major and gain unique opportunities provided by this department. Visit the attached link or email for more information.

  • Physiology Honors Academy (PHA) - PHA is a group of Honors Physiology Students that work on an advisory board to offer peer mentorship to fellow physiology students as well as host educational and information events for all students on their pre-health journey. PHA offers events to all students such as matchmaking nights for volunteer opportunities, research opportunities, and clinical opportunities. PHA also holds informational nights including panels with various medical professionals/faculty and practice MMI's for students pursuing medical school. Being apart of the PHA Advisory board requires you to be an Honors Physiology student with ambition and drive to help others reach their academic and career goals. All students, regardless of major/honors, can attend any events hosted by PHA. If interested, click on the provided link or email for more information.

  • Physiology Club - Are you a pre-health student interested in learning more about the human body and all the different functions of it? The Physiology Club is tailored to students who have a passion in the study of the human body and are pursuing a career in the healthcare field. This club is open to students of all majors and offers opportunities to meet physicians, medical students, master's students, nurses, surgeons, and amazing faculty here on campus. Through philanthropy events, fundraisers, clinical events, and physiology events, this club aims to create a positive learning environment to create future opportunities for our members. Click the attached link or email or for more information.

  • Street Medicine Tucson (SMT) - SMT is a student-ran club that teams up with U of A College of Medicine Tucson to provide free medical care and education to those experiencing homelessness in the greater Tucson community. Holding free healthcare clinics every month, this club allows undergraduate students to receive hands-on experience in a medical setting while giving back to the underserved population. Click on the provided link or reach to for more information.​

  • University of Arizona Emergency Medical Services (UAEMS) - UAEMS is a 24/7/365 emergency response team that is entirely staffed, managed, and ran by University of Arizona students. UAEMS has responded to 9-1-1 emergency calls from students, faculty, staff, and on-campus visitors. Being apart of UAEMS is an honorary position that requires lots of dedication and passion to provided emergency healthcare services to those in need. Having an EMT certification provides students the opportunity to gain direct clinical patient care and is a great way to learn more about emergency response teams. If interested in being a part of this highly selective and admirable team, visit the attached website and fill out the application to begin the process of potential onboarding or email for more information. This organization provides one of the most unique opportunities here at U of A and is respected by students, faculty, and staff all across campus.​​​

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