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SERP 197P: Explore, Discover, Decide...your major (2 units)

Available for 7 Week II Session Only Spring 2024

If you're looking to explore, choose, or change majors, SERP 197P: Explore, Discover, Decide...Your Major can you help you to narrow down your options, confirm, or declare your major by the end of the semester!

In this course, students motivated to explore and decide on a major are guided through self and major exploration. The goal is for students to have the tools and knowledge necessary to help them with their major decision by the end of the class. 

Major Exploration Tools used in this class include: 
•    Interests, values, and personality inventories
•    Major exploration exercises
•    Journal writing
•    A final project involving the research of a major

What students who have taken SERP197P have said:

  • “Before SERP 197, I had no idea as to what I was doing in college and most certainly didn’t know what I wanted to major in. The assignments we did had a major impact on me…completing each assignment got me one step closer to deciding what I wanted to major in and do in college.”
  • “This class has caused me to reflect deeply about what I want my future to look like. I was apprehensive about the class at first because I don’t necessarily like to think about my future like that, but it was necessary, and this class gave me the space to do so.”
  • “Over this course the major exploration/ major designing was hard at first but then became an easy process. The hardest part was really the beginning thinking I really knew what major I wanted to pursue but then actually realizing that maybe that wasn’t the right choice for me. Looking at all the different majors made it difficult to choose but I eventually was able to find my best fit. The biggest thing I learned for myself was that change is extremely okay.”
  • “I went into college having no idea what I wanted to major in. Of course when we enroll and we don’t have a major, we are told that it is ok. I still felt left behind as my classmates in other classes already knew what their major was. Part of the reason why I couldn’t make a decision was because I didn’t trust myself. I thought that I needed to be one hundred percent sure of my major. As I learned in class it’s good to just be seventy five percent sure. This process helped me trust myself more and gave me a path to follow.”
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TLS 393/493: Internship (1-6 units)

Internship courses provide students with the opportunity to earn academic credit and pursue valuable experiential learning activities which allows them to complete an Engaged Learning Experience, and receive that notation on their transcript. An internship is a structured work experience designed to give students the opportunity to explore areas of interest and gain on-the-job skills and training. On an individual basis, internships are a way for students to complete valuable training and practice in actual service for a technical, business, or governmental establishment. Read more about internships here.

Pre-Health internships are also available with The A Center

  • These internships can take place at local community organizations and hospitals as well as through the Global MedCats Study Abroad programs in Spain which help pre-health students gain valuable clinical experiences. 
  • If you are currently working or volunteering in a healthcare-related role, an internship is a great opportunity to get upper-division academic credit for your experience. Contact Sylvia Mioduski, our internship coordinator, to see if your experience qualifies you for Internship credit.
  • Another pre-health opportunity is the Patient Experience Volunteer Program partnering with Banner-University Medical Center where enrolled students interact with patients towards the goal of improving patient experience for both in-patient and emergency department settings. Speak with your pre-health advisor for more information!