Returning Students or Alumni

Returning Students or Alumni

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Returning Students or Alumni

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For Students Returning to The University of Arizona and UAZ Alumni

Graduates of The University of Arizona continue to have access to the Pre-Health Professions Advising services after they have completed their degree(s).

Both campuses of The University of Arizona College of Medicine (Phoenix and Tucson) have post-baccalaureate programs.  These are small programs, designed to be flexible depending on the needs of the student and are direct bridge programs into each College of Medicine.  To learn more about them, see their web pages. 

The University of Arizona Graduate College currently does not have a formal "Post Bac" (post-baccalaureate) program for students returning to college to complete the prerequisites for graduate level health professional programs.  However, the Pre-Health Professions Advising team does offer support services to alumni of The University of Arizona as well as those students holding bachelor's degrees from other colleges or universities (B.A., B.S. or other bachelor's level degree) and who plan to take prerequisite courses for Health Professional Programs at The University of Arizona. 

It is strongly recommended that you plan to meet with us as soon as you are accepted as a student at The University of Arizona so that we can help you plan both the academics and co-curricular activities that will make you a strong applicant for your health professional graduate programs. More information about scheduling an appointment.

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