What is?

What Is?

Starting Your Major Exploration Journey

Are you ready to kickstart your exciting journey into exploring different college majors? You're in the right place by starting with our "What is?" section! Our library offers a variety of options to help you figure out where you stand right now. Plus, we've included short descriptions for each resource to make it super easy for you to get started and find the perfect fit.


MyMajors Take this 15 minute assessment tool to map your interests, skills, and values to a list of UArizona majors
Your History of Higher Education Take time to review and evaluate your history of higher education
Common Thoughts on College Major Assess your common thoughts and opinions you have about majors and the major exploration process
List of UArizona Majors and Minors (Main Campus) Take some time to review and mark off any majors you know you are NOT interested in
Career Clusters Take Student Engagement and Career Development's Career Cluster assessment to gain ideas on career options
Degree Search Review this interactive tool to begin searching majors from all of UArizona's campuses


Got any questions about these resources? Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our expert major exploration advisors. They're here to chat with you and provide guidance every step of the way!