Beginning The Process On Your Own

MyMajors Assessment

What role does a major play in your academic life?

Understanding the role of a major and the major-to-career relationship helps you make the most of your major exploration journey.

In order to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona, all students need to complete at least 120 units of coursework.

Typical course breakdown (varies by major):

  • 45 units of courses towards General Education requirements (you may need less depending on major, placement, and test credits)
  • 30-45+ units of courses towards a major
  • 18-20 units of courses towards a minor (not required for all majors)
  • Remaining courses to reach 120 total credits are electives

Why is this important to know? 

Because your major coursework can comprise as little as a third—or even a fourth—of the units needed to graduate. The University of Arizona aims to graduate students who are not only well prepared for a career, but are also well-rounded and culturally competent citizens.


Helpful Tip!

General Education courses can be great for major exploration! Find a General Education course offered through a major you're considering. If you love the subject matter, you've made a huge step in finding the right major for you. If the disciplinary perspective is not one you want to pursue, no worries: you've still earned General Education credit needed to graduate. It's a no-risk way to explore your options.