Beginning The Process On Your Own

Beginning The Process On Your Own

Ready to start exploring majors?

Major exploration is a journey, and you may find you are ready to begin that process on your own. We are here to help! Below is our library of resources to aid you as you explore your options. Each library is based on where you are in the process, so feel free to pick what best fits you or visit all the libraries!
What Is?

This section is your starting point if you're unsure where to begin. It's perfect for those who haven't embarked on their major exploration journey yet or have a variety of options to consider.

What If?

This section is for those who've begun exploring majors but haven't delved deep into self-discovery. Our resources are here to help you on your path of getting to know yourself better.

What Wows?

This section is ideal if you've engaged in self-exploration activities and are ready to connect with your list of potential majors. It's all about discovering what truly excites you.

What Works?

This section is here to support you in making that important "major" decision. These resources will guide you through the decision-making process.

Explore our libraries below to begin the major exploration journey on your own.