Design Thinking Your Way to a Major

Design Thinking Your Way to a Major

Design Thinking Overview:

Design Thinking is known as a tool for creative problem-solving involving specific mindsets and processes. In The A Center, we teach students Design Thinking concepts to help them explore future possibilities in creative and open-minded ways.

Design Thinking your way to a Major 

Major to Career Relationship

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 choosing a Major

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Self-exploration is the foundation of every successful major exploration story. The more a student is in tune with who they are and what matters to them, this exponentially increases the likelihood that they major in something in which they can be happy and successful.

Once students have a solid self-understanding, this serves as the inspiration for ideas that they generate about possible majors. In this stage of the process, students open up their mind to options and try to generate as many ideas as they can without passing judgment.

This is the time when students examine the ideas that they’ve generated and narrow them down to the ones that seem both viable and inspirational based on their own personal criteria. During this step, students also test out their ideas.

At this point the student is ready to declare their major.