Pre-Law Advising


Preparing for admission to law school?

Pre-Law Advising is an advising support program for students and alumni of the University of Arizona. The goal of this program is to offer you information and resources on the law school admission process and to help you design your pathway to law school.

We will work with you to create an individualized plan based on your goals, interests, values, and strengths to prepare you to be a strong candidate when you are ready to apply to law school.

Law schools encourage students to study in any discipline. There is not one major that is considered better than another for law school. Law schools are more interested in how well you do regardless of your chosen major. The best preparation is a challenging and well-rounded undergraduate education. We encourage you to choose a major based on your interests—you will do better in courses you enjoy! Whichever major you choose, you should focus on developing excellent writing, research, and analytical skills within your courses. Follow your interests and strengths; it is more important to do your best than to take a heavy course load. It is not beneficial to complete your degree a year or semester early just to impress law schools.

The A Center will help you access the information most applicable to you and let you know how Pre-Law Advising can best support you in your pursuit of your professional goals.

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Meet the Pre-Law Advisor

For conversations about the Law School admissions process or any other questions you may have regarding your pre-law options, please call our office at 520-621-7763 to schedule an appointment with Chelsea Burk.



*COVID-19 Pre-Law/ Law school Updates: Law schools are fully aware of and understand that virtually all students enrolled during the spring 2020 COVID-19 pandemic experienced significant disruption in their living and learning arrangements. Law schools are also aware that many undergraduate and graduate schools changed their grading systems to allow or require Pass/Fail grades in lieu of their traditional grading systems and will not penalize any applicant for presenting Pass/Fail grades. LSAC will place a letter in the CAS report of every applicant enrolled during spring 2020, reminding law schools of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the population and on higher education.

For updates on COVID-19, the law school admissions process, and the LSAT, please check out this FAQ from the Law School Admissions Council

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