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Requirements vary widely by school so it is important to look at the requirements of programs you are considering to be sure you include those courses in your academic career at The University of Arizona.

Specifics regarding individual programs from this link to the PAEA's Program Directory.

Learn about The University of Arizona’s new Physician Assistant Program.

NAU also offers a PA program. See NAU PA General prerequisites here.

Physician Assistant School Common Prerequisites

Biology 8 Semester Hours

MCB 181R & 181L

ECOL 182 R & 182L

Chemistry (usually will accept Gen Chem and/or Organic)

8 Semester Hours 

Many schools require Biochemistry (BIOC 384) which, at UA, has a prerequisite of 1 semester of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 241/43A).

CHEM 151 or 141/143

CHEM 152 or 142/144

Microbiology with lab 4 Semester Hours with lab MIC 205A & 205L
Psychology 3-9 Semester Hours usually including introductory, developmental, abnormal)

PSY 150A1 or PSY 101 (introductory)

PSY 200/240 (developmental)

PSY 381 (abnormal)

English 6 Semester Hours

English 101& 102 or

English 109H & additional English class, usually composition

Mathematics 6 Semester Hours

Math 112 (College Algebra) and

Math 163 or 263 (statistics/biostats)


8 semester hours

Required for some schools instead of General Biology

PSIO 201 and PSIO 202
Medical Terminology 0-3 Semester Hours CLAS 116B
Additional Biology, Chemistry, Physics 30-40 units required for some schools See your pre-health advisor & school websites


Application Pathway

The standardized test required for most PA programs is the GRE General Test.  For more information about that exam see the GRE section of the Educational Testing Service web site.


Look up Physician Assistant Programs on the PAEA (Physician Assistant Education Association) web site.

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