Pre-Occupational Therapy

Preparing for a Career in Occupational Therapy

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Academic Requirements

Requirements vary widely by school so it is important to look at the requirements of programs you are considering to be sure you include those courses in your academic career at The University of Arizona.

Occupational Therapy School Prerequisites

Requirement General Description University of Arizona Course Numbers

Anatomy with Lab

Physiology with Lab

4 Semester Hours

4 Semester Hours

The U of A's two semester sequence of Anatomy and

Physiology can meet this requirement

PSIO 201 and 202


3-9 semester hours of Psychology usually including

introductory, developmental, abnormal)

PSY 150A1 or PSY 101 (introductory)

PSY 200 (development), PSY 381 (abnormal)

English 6 Semester Hours

English 101& 102 or

English 109H & additional English class, usually composition

Mathematics 3-6 Semester Hours

Math 112 (College Algebra) and

Math 163 or 263 (statistics/biostats)

Sociology, Anthropology, Humanities 3-6 Semester Hours Each See your pre-health advisor for suggestions
Medical Terminology 3 Semester Hours CLAS 116B may satisfy requirement


Additional Information About Northern Arizona University's Occupational Therapy Program

**NOTE NAU is the public school option  for Arizona residents

(where in-state tuition is less for AZ residents)

Additional Requirements for NAU Include:

2 biology courses or one biology and one chem

2 semesters sociology ("medical, community, sexuality, etc")

above introductory level-e.g. SOC 101 will not count

1 course in medical ethics or social justice

Application Pathway

The centralized application service for Occupational Therapy Programs is the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS).


List of accredited Occupational Therapy Schools

Facebook Page for OTCAS

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