Internship Information Session

PLEASE NOTE: For Summer 2020 internship experiences, no students may be enrolled in a credit-bearing experiential learning placement due to start before 1 July UNLESS the host site has made a 100% Work From Home arrangement possible.  Therefore, internships prior to July 1st cannot include face-to-face interactions.  A decision will be made by 1 May 2020, on whether placements involving face-to-face engagement starting after 1 July 2020 can proceed, based on the COVID-19 conditions at that time.

Steps to Apply for the TLS 393/493 Internship Course

  1. Secure an internship position and confirm who your on-site supervisor will be.
  2. Complete the online information session linked at the bottom of this page.
  3. Download and complete the TLS 393/493 application forms, which are accessible via completion of the Information Session.
  4. Once the forms are complete, scan them and attach them to an email and send them them to the Internship Coordinator immediately at:
    • NOTE: There is a REQUIRED Risk/Release form as a part of the application. A handwritten signature is required on the Risk/Release form. Using a scanning app for your smartphone or tablet works well for this purpose

The A Center will enroll the student in the course when all of the above is complete. A final reminder: this is a standard UA course and it applies to the degree.  Regular tuition/fees are charged during fall, spring and summer terms.

Note: Students must complete the information session linked below in order to enroll in TLS 393/493

Internship information session