Executive Undergraduate Program

The Executive Undergraduate Program is an innovative experience for first year students who are ready to be the boss of their education. This program provides specialized services to Undeclared students who are working, living off-campus and committed to getting the most out of their education.

We know that your education is important to you. But sometimes navigating a college campus, working while attending classes, and living off campus can be challenging.

Through intentional programming, specialized advising and course selection, this program will allow you to succeed by getting connected to the campus community and taking ownership of your education.

Key components of the program:

  • Community of students all working and living off campus
  • One common academic advisor to help you navigate your course schedule and major exploration
  • Connect with other students through a 1-unit TLS 100 course in the fall
  • Programming and events to get you connected to campus
  • Peer mentors who can help you navigate the campus community

Questions? Contact Us!

We're here to help, and we're excited to meet you!

Email us with any questions you have at: theacenter@email.arizona.edu




Kate Harris is the Coordinator for the Executive Undergraduate Program.